Jóel Sigurðsson

Neo-Classical / Ambient

Jóel Sigurðsson

Jóel Sigurðsson is an Icelandic multi-instrumentalist based in Reykjavik, Iceland. The music is a mixture of piano and strings with synthesisers, acoustic guitars and oriental instruments such as Japanese taishogoto, Indian bulbul tarang and various flutes from different parts of the world, the sound ranges from classical and electronic music to experimental ambient pop. 


Rembrandt Republiek

Rembrandt Republiek refers the city of Amsterdam and the experience of living and learning there while writing music with different people, this time allowed me to get to know a different part of myself – this record is an expression of the formative years.


Tracks Written by: Jóel Sigurðsson
Mixed by: Jóel Sigurðsson
Mastered by: Curver Thoroddsen
Artwork by: Trausti Már Baldvinsson


Released September 2, 2021

Ambient Quirks

Ambient quirks is imagined as the soundtrack to the Pan European Picnic of August 1989.


Tracks Written by Jóel Sigurðsson

Mixed by Jóel Sigurðsson
Mastered by Curver Thoroddsen
Artwork by Stefán Örn Óskarsson
Photography Viktor Steinar


Released August 20, 2020: