A Few Words About Us

What we do

Damrak records releases high quality music on all major streams online such as, bandcamp, spotify, beatport, youtube and apple music. Our label consists of musicians and visual artists who collectively put out and design whole landscapes of music and arts for you to enjoy. 

Our inspiration

Damrak records artists are mostly come from an hip hop, house, techno, electro music background. You will find all sorts of music in our catalogues ranging from house to ambient, rap, hip hop beats and trip hop music. If you are looking for lounge vibes or more upbeat music you should take a listen to our collections. Whilst most of our artists are Icelandic or have some sort of connection to Iceland, Damrak records is influenced by the Amsterdam music scene, it’s deep techno affection and electronic attraction and live music scene. 

Our designers

“We find comfort in pushing the normalities.”

Everything we do is designed by us. Our main designer is one of Iceland’s most beloved graffiti artists with over 20 years of experience in the arts. Our album covers and videos are created by label artists as well. 

We give thanks to our head designers:

Stefán Örn Óskarsson

Viktor Steinar Imsland 

Trausti Már Baldvinsson 

Jóel Sigurðsson 

Ástþór Þórhallsson